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Happy Mother’s Day

Especially today, I am thinking of all the amazing moms I know who are raising children with special needs. Our kids have all variety of gifts and abilities, but some lack the capacity to use words to tell their moms how wonderful they are. How do we receive love when there are no words?

The truth is, we feel it easily and often. Love is sometimes best expressed without words.

I often experience God’s love in wordless wonder. A glorious sunrise brightens my drive to the office each morning.  I am greeted by a host of songbirds as I wind through the prayer garden from my car to the door. I sit outside to write when I can, blessed by the gentle breeze that stirs the scent of flowers blooming in my neighbor’s yard. In the evenings, I enjoy the vastness of the night sky and realize how very small I am and yet how God cares for me and for each and every person throughout time.  In the midst of all the glory of creation we are each wonderfully made, a unique fingerprint of God expressed in flesh rather than words.

The love God has for us transcends words, as does the love between a mother and child. This Mother’s Day, I pray for you to feel deeply rooted in your child’s love and moved beyond words by God’s love for you.